Travel Startup The Wanderer India Seek to Explore Future of Travel Industry With A Unique Experience

Travel Startup The Wanderer India Seek to Explore Future of Travel Industry With A Unique Experience

Introduction - 

The Wanderer India was started by two fellow Digital Marketers, Nikhil Singh & Vivek Agarwal, who are passionate about the travel industry and love to share knowledge and real-life experiences with users through their content. 

The Journey - 

Riding on the wave of Digital Evolution in India & all over the world, Nikhil & Vivek founded The Wanderer India 3 years back. Coming from the digital marketing domain, they aim to solve the problem of travellers or common people in finding the right trip plan. They are providing a one-stop solution to solve the problems of travellers on their trip while catering to what they will eat, wear and explore throughout their journey via their website, content & real-life experiences.

Who We Are?

What is it that fuels you? For us, it’s The Wanderer India. We love writing about our passions, what interests us and what interests others. The Wanderer India provides unique and real-life experience-based content related to travel, food and a few fashion tips. We believe in changing the way the world experiences the world. 

We started The Wanderer India with a vision to offer practical-based experiences and content to help our users explore more.

We are focusing on 3 categories. 

Travel the World - 

Where are you headed next?? You may explore the best destinations and get inspired for your next getaway from here. Looking for a honeymoon, family, friends or a solo destination, or looking for most top 10 amazing and thrilling places within India or internationally, The Wanderer India will help you to explore all from the comfort of home.

Eat & Explore Different Region Food - 

Wherever we relocate, how much has undergone expansion, but when it comes to serving the most authentic food, we are still at the origin. What if you explore the delicious mouth-watering, rich food and dishes anywhere, the best cuisine and drinks for specific festivals and top delicious food of India and abroad with more comfort of your home, then waiting for what? Just pull up your chair and join The Wanderer India; here, you may feel life is so delicious.

Wear what you love - 

The way you look is the heart of an individual soul; it includes designs, outfits, colours, everything; whether it is a festive time or office party, be it a small birthday party or out clubbing, fashion plays a vital role in your personality. The Wanderer India helps you to explore more about fashions, top fashions trends and outfits for different occasions in a new trendy way; it may be turning your skirt into a dhoti or turning dhoti into a skirt, so waiting for what if you want to be fashion sensible person come and explore best out of The Wanderer India.

About the Entrepreneurs - 

Nikhil and Vivek come from an engineering background, where they are meant to become a software engineer or something. But they have the zeal not to follow the path that millions in India follow. So they started learning about the digital marketing aspect. 

They met at their first job at a company, where they built a bond. They always talk about building something unique and catering to the needs of people who love travelling the world and eating a lot of different cuisines and foods while wearing comfortable and different local or street clothes. 

After 2 years, they started The Wanderer India, where they provide a unique and quick guide to people related to fashion, food and unexplored locations in India and around the world.

Right now, they are planning to explore The Wanderer India to reach all over the world. 

Now, they are working on building their new venture, NV Rise, which is based on providing information related to business, sports, entertainment, technology etc.

Author Bio - 

Nikhil Singh is the Founder and CEO of The Wanderer India, an internet-based company. An enthusiastic Digital Marketer who belongs to a Computer Science background and loves to explore new things digitally. He loves to explore new places, the serenity of the mountains, and lots of food (especially biryani).