Mid-day or mid-night craving calls for snacks. Trying to adjust snacks in a diet plan or simply finding healthy snacking options can be a monotonous task.

The intake or consumption of food in between the main meals is what most people gorge on. Generally, snacks are meant to be the smaller portions of food for keeping the belly full until the next meal. However, most people tend to eat snacks as a part of their main meal as they are readily available and satisfy the taste buds leading to an extra addition in consumption of calories.

Excessive snacking can lead to a transient inflammatory response with an increased risk of various diseases and a disruption in the body’s digestion process.

A nutritious good snack in between a tiring day gives the much needed boost to the mind and a treat to the tongue. NutriNosh is a growing brand that provides consumers with a wide variety of healthy snack options to suit their taste and body. They provide a filling combination of nuts, dry fruits, dates, berries, seeds and more to maintain the healthy eating pattern and feel energized.


NutriNosh is established with the idea to revolutionise the unhealthy eating habits by replacing them with healthy, nutritious ‘On the Go’ snacks. The brand strongly believes that snacking between meals is important but what you snack is more important This concept is made a part of its ideology to encourage easy; affordable nutritious snacking in small handy package for Anytime Anywhere consumption. The cart suggests customer to order 30 different varieties of snacks for a month’s consumption providing a unique variety each day, thus making a healthy habitual consumption pattern while maintaining the nutritional balance.

NutriNosh aspires to build its consumer base by continuously adding nutritional snacks that will suit the Indian taste. It will offer tailor-made products after carefully reviewing consumer feedback along with a promise of the best quality at the most affordable price.

NutriNosh aims at providing rare healthy products that are globally sourced and directly delivered to consumer’s doorstep in small packs of 30gm each. The innovative small-packaging strategy provides convenience, variety while avoids easy deterioration and ushering longer shelf life.



With more and more people moving towards a healthy lifestyle, NutriNosh is establishing its presence by catering to customers ranging from kids to working professionals.

For all fitness freaks, who like to stay fit inside out, NutriNosh helps Gym goers, Runners, Cyclists, Morning Walkers and Yoga enthusiasts maintain the balance with healthy snacking options before and after the sessions. They also provide gluten-free nuts in their pure form for diet-conscious individuals like peanuts, almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts, walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, cashews, Brazil nuts and all other natural nuts. Sesame seeds and sunflower seeds are also packaged gluten-free. This helps all those enrolled in weight loss regimes and avid diet and healthy food bloggers munch healthy snacks without any guilt or cry.

For Moms, Kids, Working- professionals, Chefs and bakers, NutriNosh is growing as a preferred choice to beat cravings and stay energised by providing the right quick binge, satisfying the taste buds



Rakesh Jain, a creative business head with already three businesses established, ventured on building the brand NutriNosh at the age of 44. Having a fairly vast experience in the business sector, while exploring the dry fruits market with a Co-Founder about six months ago, Jain came up with the idea of establishing NutriNosh with the help of two Sourcing – Partners from Dubai and New York. He is completely vested full time in this new venture and researched the whole chain between the farms of the world, their handlers and the Indian consumers before establishing the brand.

 His journey of NutriNosh started by setting up an office at the APMC at VASHI, the wholesale market for Dry fruits in order to understand the working of importers, processors, wholesalers, semi- wholesalers and retailers. After observing the involvement of too many intermediaries in the chain, distancing the end consumers, he decided to create a D2C brand in this segment and thereby established NutriNosh. He is currently involved in the marketing and brand building exercises for NutriNosh and has successfully set-up a live working website.

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