Nilambur Furniture: The brand that crafts furniture with love for woods

Nilambur Furniture: The brand that crafts furniture with love for woods

‘Furniture’ is more than an armchair, a dresser, a couch or a bed. Furniture is what makes a house a home as they give comfort, places for storage and to sit on and ultimately provides relaxation. When it comes to decorating their homes with incredible pieces of furniture, people prefer premium quality over bargain store duds because let us be honest having a cheap desk that breaks down even before the lease ends is disappointing. Moreover, choosing the right one for the place enhances the overall beauty and they are definitely worth the investment. One such brand that has been catering to all is Nilambur Furniture.


 Established in the year 1998 by Shri. MT Thomas, Nilambur Furniture’s operations began in the land of Teak wood in Nilambur Malappuram District Kerala and was later on relocated to the business hub of Kerala, Cochin. Tijo Thomas, a second-generation entrepreneur further took over the family business and spotted the nead of the hour in the industry. Owing to this he decided to enter the digital market and make an online presence. With their uniqueness of only providing solid wood furniture made of Teak, Rosewood, and Mahogany, the long-established manufacturer entered the online furniture market as Their motive is to provide Indian customers with finished and customised products at affordable prices. The factory and offline store are in Cochin.


While talking about the reason behind choosing Nilambur Teak for Nilambur Furniture, Tijo Thomas says, “Nilambur teak is renowned around the world for its exceptional quality and aesthetic beauty. Its exceptional qualities, such as its size, durability, and distinctive colour, makes it one of the most sought-after woods in the world and the most popular wood on the international wood market. Since the colonial period, it has held high status in the market.  It is also believed to display strong resistance to microbial deterioration as well as antioxidants property. The majority of our goods are made of local Nilambur Teak, which is popular and renowned and we ensure to use the highest quality. Thus, we can assure our clients of the calibre of the products we offer and their worth.”


From fine furniture for living rooms to dining rooms to bedrooms to even storage and wardrobes, Nilambur Furniture offers a wide range of products. The brand provides customisation according to one's expectations and requirements, all one has to do is pick a fabric, polish, colour, wood and the desired dimensions, from there the team will assist them over Whatsapp or mail. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, the Founders of the company have got a great knowledge of the domain, thus, this acts in the best interest of their customers and helps them get the top-notch furniture products.


 Along with premium furniture, Nilambur Furniture also offers ‘Interior Design Consultation’, and for this, they have a whole team of experienced designers. Following their tagline, ‘crafted with the love for wood’ they have been delivering high quality furniture and have specialization in Pooja Mandir and Kerala Traditional Charu Kasera. At present their major shipping areas are Banglore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kerala. They also have a successful shipment network in the Bahamas, Philippines and USA. In the near future, they plan on expanding their export market in Canada, the UK and Australia.