Celebrating Extraordinary Contributions to Society: The Diplomatic Awards Shines on Women's Day

Celebrating Extraordinary Contributions to Society: The Diplomatic Awards Shines on Women's Day

New Delhi– In a dazzling display of recognition for outstanding achievements, the prestigious Diplomatic Awards unfolded at the Eros Hotel in New Delhi on International Women's Day.


Hosted by the multifaceted Dr. Sanjanaa Jon, renowned Filmmaker, Social Activist, Philanthropist, and International Fashion Designer, alongside Dr. Asif Iqbal, President of the Indian Economic Trade Organization (IETO), the event was a testament to honoring remarkable individuals who have significantly impacted society.


The Diplomatic Awards on Women's Day took a unique turn by acknowledging the invaluable contributions of diplomatic spouses. Wives of diplomats and Diplomatic community were felicitated for their commendable achievements, recognizing their substantial role in shaping the societal and national landscape. Additionally, the event also bestowed honors upon dynamic women entrepreneurs from India, highlighting their impactful contributions to society.​


The Dignitaries Awardees and are as follows:

 HE Alem Tsehaye Woldemariam Dean Ambassador Eritrea

HE Muawia Elbukhari Ambassador Sudan

Mrs. Maha Mubarak Adam Elhadi​ Spouse of Sudan Ambassador Awardee​, Mrs. Tin Tin Htwe Win​ Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Myanmar​, Aruna Oswal Oswal Group Philanthropist, Prof. D.K. Giri & Ms. Susan​ Editors of the book "Preventing Violence Against Women"​, Ms. Linda​ Editor Plenipotentiary Diplomatist​, Ms. Huma​ Chief Editor in Financial Express​, Dr. Renu Choudhary, Prof. & Head SRM University​, Mrs. Zalikato​u Boubacar​ First Secretary, Niger Embassy​, Dimitrios Sideris​ Consul of Greece Diplomat Awardee​, Zena Chung​ Korea Aruna Oswal​,PVR Shalu​, Blossom Kochar​, Gurleen Anand​ Trade Commissioner, Latin America​, Kalicharan​ Evergreen Environmentalist Humanist Awardee​, Pritam Saluja​ Entrepreneur Empowering Women Humanitarian Activist​, Bidisha Pandey​ Trade Commissioner​, Senorita Isaac​, Vasundhara Nattes


This gathering of primarily Diplomats and Diplomatic community luminaries and trailblazers served not only as a celebration of accomplishment but also as an inspiration for future generations. The Diplomatic Awards underscored the importance of recognizing diverse talents and contributions, especially on a day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women.


​"At the Diplomatic Awards, we celebrate the indomitable spirit of women and their invaluable contributions to society. In this grand tapestry of recognition, we commend the vision of our Honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modiji, for championing Nari Shakti and fostering a Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam Bharat. His unwavering commitment to acknowledging and respecting women globally sets a profound example, inspiring us all to strive for a more inclusive and empowered world." - Dr. Sanjanaa Jon, Filmmaker, Social Activist, Philanthropist, International Fashion Designer


Dr. Asif Iqbal, President of the Indian Economic Trade Organization (IETO)​ said "As we stand at the intersection of diplomacy and excellence, the Diplomatic Awards serve as a beacon of recognition for those whose dedication has transcended boundaries. These awards not only acknowledge the recipients' significant contributions but also emphasize the importance of fostering collaboration and understanding on a global scale."


On the momentous occasion of the Diplomatic Award, profound messages were shared by individuals whose commitment and endeavors transcend boundaries. Each message echoes a unique melody of compassion, empowerment, and environmental stewardship, inspiring a collective vision for a harmonious and brighter future for us all.


"As an 8year-old, I believe in the power of unity and understanding. Let us embrace the strength of global women and weave a diplomatic tapestry that transcends borders, fostering a world where compassion and collaboration lead us to a brighter future." - Jaitej Singh Khurana


"Philanthropy is not just a gesture; it's a commitment to uplifting humanity. In supporting diverse charities, we sow seeds of positive change, cultivating a world where compassion reigns, and the collective spirit of giving becomes the bridge to a brighter tomorrow." - Aruna Oswal


"Breathing life into Bharat is not just a mission; it's a pledge to nature and the well-being of our people. By creating oxygen and planting trees, we nurture a cleaner, breathable tomorrow where the harmony between humanity and the environment flourishes." - Kalicharan


"Empowering women through charity is not just an act of kindness; it's a celebration of resilience, strength, and the indomitable spirit within every woman. Together, let us create a world where opportunities flourish, and the transformative power of giving paves the way for a brighter, more equitable future." - Gurleen Anand


"As an entrepreneur, I believe in the profound impact of empowering women through charity. It's not just about giving; it's about igniting the spark of potential within every woman, fostering a legacy of strength, independence, and collective growth. Through our shared efforts, we cultivate a landscape where women's empowerment becomes the cornerstone of lasting positive change." - Pritam Saluja