A Journey to Preventing Limb Loss with Collagen Wound Care

A Journey to Preventing Limb Loss with Collagen Wound Care
  • In April, we celebrate both World Health Day & Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month.
  • Premium products from Human BioSciences for wound management are explained
  • We work to help prevent the loss of limbs by treating chronic wounds quickly.



Ahmedabad, India - April 2024:

April marks both World Health Day and Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month, reminding us of the importance of health and recognizing the challenges faced by those who have experienced limb loss or limb differences. This year, the theme "My health, my right" underscores the fundamental right to health for everyone, emphasizing access to healthcare services, education, and a clean environment.

Losing a limb can result from various causes such as trauma accidents, infections, poor circulation, diabetes, and untreated blood clots. Among these, poor circulation leading to amputation of the lower limbs is a significant concern. However, early intervention with advanced wound care can prevent limb loss, offering hope and healing to those affected.

Human BioSciences, with over 30 years of experience, collaborates with medical professionals to provide timely and effective wound care solutions. One such solution involves the use of collagen, a natural component of skin that aids in wound healing. Collagen helps rebuild skin and supports the removal of dead tissue, reducing the risk of infection. Using collagen early in the healing process can significantly improve outcomes, particularly for individuals with slow-healing wounds due to conditions like diabetes.

Dr. Rohan Jain, President of Human BioSciences, emphasizes the importance of early intervention, stating that efficient wound care can often prevent the need for amputation. Collagen, used as a catalyst for wound healing, has shown promising results in patients at risk of delayed recovery.

In conclusion, advanced wound care, particularly through the use of collagen, plays a crucial role in preventing limb loss and promoting healing. By prioritizing early intervention and expanding access to innovative treatments, we can improve outcomes for individuals affected by chronic wounds and reduce the need for surgical amputations. Human BioSciences remains dedicated to this mission, striving to make every wound matter in the journey towards better health and well-being.

If you want to learn more or purchase collagen wound care products, you can contact HBS at india-info@humanbiosciences.com.

About Human BioSciences:

Human BioSciences Inc. is a global biotechnology company specializing in collagen-based products for wound care management. Founded by Dr. Manoj Jain in 1990, HBS has been at the forefront of advanced wound care with its Kollagen™ technology. Their products, including SkinTemp® II Collagen Sheets, Medifil® II Collagen Particles and Collatek® Collagen Gel, aim to provide effective solutions for wound healing. With facilities in the USA and India, HBS continues to innovate and distribute its products worldwide.