The Mountain Man of Maharashtra Sagar Parashuram Nehe inspiring from Dashrath Manzi

The Mountain Man of Maharashtra Sagar Parashuram Nehe inspiring from Dashrath Manzi

Nehe is a social worker who has been working tirelessly to connect lives in real time, and he's managed to do it by bringing old conventional connectivity routes, a way to cut down the distance between Mumbai and Ahmednagar from 70 km to 7km.

Sagar has been working with government officials and political leaders from almost every leading party in Maharashtra since 2001, when he first proposed his idea of connecting the two districts at Devicha Ghatghar Shahapur in Thane. Since then, he has continued his efforts until today--and it's paying off!.

*Mountain Man of Maharashtra* Sagar Parashuram Nehe a young boy residing in Thane born in Ahmednagar Akole. Dreamed about connecting two major districts of Maharashtra that is Ahmadnagar and Thane (shahapur) by cutting distance from 70 km to 7km.

Thane-Ahmednagar districts will now be even near Maharashtra’s grand plan to connect Thane- Ahmednagar road distance can be reduced to 7 km by removing the distance between the two districts. With help of Google Map this young boy studied all the connectivity routs, visited each and every location personally and have started creating awareness about it in Thane Shahapur and Akole Ahmednagar Taluka, for many years, through one on one publicity, through local media and national media Sagar has ensured that each and everyone from both the side of the districts are aware of the benefit of this connectivity.

Initially negative oriented People from Shahapur and Akole laughed and made fun of him but he just continued with his work for 12 years and recently ensured that the survey for this route is successfully completed with green signal to go ahead for pwd work. This was Sagar Parashuram Nehe, famously known as the Mountain Man of Maharashtra who single-handedly fought with system, government officials, political leadership and carved a path through a Sahyadri mountain.

He gave 14 years of his life to his village and made a difference in the lives of the people of Ahmednagar Akole and Thane Shahapur.

The Public Works Department has started the official processes now On request of Sagar Nehe with local mla Shri. Kiran Lahamate and Shri.Pandurang Barora Hon. CM of Maharashtra Shri.Eknath Sambhaji Shinde has approved sagars request to connect two districts, cm office has also issued a letter to commissioner of Ahmadnagar to incorporate this connectivity on priority by incorporating it in budget for road consideration and ensure whatever needed budget requirements are placed as per the procedures so that to begin construction of a road that is connecting Ghatghar, Bhandardara Shendi, Murshet in Ahmednagar district with Thane district and Gandhulwad, Talwada, Hinglud Met in Shahapur taluka through Chondhe Ghat. They have awarded 1 crore 75 lakhs to survey the route work, now since survey work is completed by survey agencies with go ahead and people from both the districts are awaiting for further steps to begin the actual work.

After 75 years of independence, by connecting the neighboring districts of Thane-Ahmednagar by road, the 70 km long detour will be removed and this distance will be reduced to 7 km.

The Maharashtra government awarded social worker Sagar Nehe who has been demanding this road for many years, relieved now.

Using only a Media as weapon and with his good communication, interpersonal skills, new generation youth Sagar Nehe, followed up with government officials of both the district these years, He followed up with all local political leadership and carved a path through a mountain in the Ghatghar Devicha Ghat and brought this shortcut route in notice of everyone that connect mumbai in shortest time, at local level getting medical facilities, Education, Job will be easier for rural community that belongs to this region, doors of many more facilities will be opened for everyone through this shortcut connectivity.

Some facts about the Maharashtra's Mountain Man:

Akole Ghatghar villagers had to travel 70 kilometers to reach the nearest town to get medical attention.

He shortened the distance from 70 kilometers to just 7 kilometers.

His name was also proposed by the Thane based Corporators to the government and he was awarded the Gunihan Award for his social work in connecting two districts.

The proposed road will be very useful for tourists, pilgrims and commuters. It will be convenient for commuters to reach many tourist places like Shirdi, Shani Shingnapur, Bhandardara, Randha Fall, Agasti Rushi ashram, Mhaladevi, Chondhe Dam, Vihang Waterfalls of Konkankada, Ghatghar Dam, Sandhan Valley, Alang, Kulang and Kalsubai Shikhar in shortest time if traveling from mumbai.

In addition to this route it is also used by pilgrims going to Shirdi on foot from Mumbai-Thane. If this route is taken it will be possible to reach in 3 to 4 days instead of 8 to 10 days currently taken by pilgrims to Shirdi. Therefore in terms of tourism this route will be very important for this.

Resident, Public and political leaders from both the districts Shahapur Thane and Rajur-Akole, Sangamner Ahmednagar are appreciating Sagar Nehe for his dedication and efforts to make it happen it will now make a difference in millions of People's lives. After people from Shahapur It's time for the government to recognize real hearts and hero's like Sagar Nehe and encourage to do more and felicitate for such great contributions at state level for what he has done for the society.