The ART of uplifting creative minds – Learn through Team NeetiBisht®.

The ART of uplifting creative minds – Learn through Team NeetiBisht®.

Everyone is born with a unique talent; it takes the right eye to recognize and ethically nurture it. Team NeetiBisht® under the leadership of a multitalented Indian Miss. Neeti Bisht took the initiative to uplift creative minds across the globe. The art of nurturing someone's talent is indeed challenging. Various courses and activities are involved, including but not limited to soft skills, language, and personality development courses; exhibitions merged with unique themes and social issues. Creative minds are taught to excel in the real world ethically by allowing them to meet and learn from industry and non-industry experts, case studies, etc.


The innovative team has done several offline and online activities since 2020, which got International acknowledgment and appreciation. To uplift creative minds -female, The ART QUEEN title was introduced in the year 2020, and with the huge demand from the male fraternity, the ART KING title got introduced in 2022. The creative minds felt celebrated while receiving the prestigious title for contributing to society.

ART QUEEN 2020 was covered in The Asian Age, Art Affairs, etc. ART QUEEN 2021 was covered in Art Affairs, International Coaching News (UK-based magazine), Sanatim(Turkey-based magazine), etc. ART QUEEN 2022 was also covered in International and National newspapers.

Feb 24-26, 2023, is reserved for a Group Art Exhibition with the theme –"Crime Vs. Humanity' and a cause – "Building Moral Values." The magnificent creations in various categories – Painting, Photography, Sculpture, and Literature using varied mediums will be displayed at Artizen Art Gallery, Plot 1-2, BahadurShah Zafar Marg, New Delhi-110002.

"Always & Forever" by Ms. Ahlawat, "Nritta" by Ms. Jyoti Tewari, "Portrait" by Suman, "Kamadhenu," "Raayan" by Ms. Sshweta Rajeshwari, "Untitled" by Mrs. Roopa Jain, "Deity of the Sanctum" by Mrs. Gupta, "Ultimate Beauty," "Friends," "Worship You" by Dr. Kusum Ansal, "Lady with Goats" by Ms. Rita Saigal, "The Mystic," "Impressions" by Ms. Shruti Arora, "Untitled"- Photography by Mr. Kartik Sharma, "The Mask" by Ms. Leona Jain will be displayed.


The team is proactive in conducting TNA (Training Needs Analysis) for both Government and Private sectors, especially in the Engineering and IT industries. It recommends everyone in these sectors enroll in language, soft skills, and personality development courses. The learning will benefit the professionals in cultivating a humanitarian attitude, adopting a healthy lifestyle, becoming a global citizen, problem-solving skills, time-management skills, anger management, a brief introduction to YOGA, etc.


Miss. Neeti Bisht is a multilingual and multitalented Indian. She was invited as a "Guest of Honor" twice by the AR Foundation. She penned down an e-poem book titled "Delhi Born" and co-authored an anthology titled "The Epiphany of Words." She won Runners Up title in Delhi in Empress universe-2018. She lives a spiritual, vegan, and non-alcoholic lifestyle. She lives with her parents in New Delhi, India. She is a kind-hearted soul and has been a consistent promoter of women's empowerment. She contributed to UNICEF for girl education program.


The innovative team operates from Monday – Friday (11:00 AM-05:00 PM IST) from New Delhi, India, and can be reached through any channel like Linkedin, Instagram, Telegram, Whats App, etc. We are flexible with the course timings and reasonable in the cost criteria. Let us help you in adding value to your life. Let's get immersed in the colors of Humanity.


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