St stephen Kilkari: Noida best preschool and Daycare

St stephen Kilkari: Noida best preschool and Daycare

St. Stephen's Kilkaari has emerged as one of the best preschool school in a very short span of time. Founded in January 2022, St. Stephen's Kilkaari is located in sector 141 Noida is equipped with all the required amenities that provides kids with an atmosphere to 'Learn with fun'. 

St. Stephen' Kilkaari runs a program for 1.5 to 5.5 year old kidskids designed to provide kids the basics of academic, social and physical education with the help of books and activities. 

Syllabus here is designed in such a proportional way between four classes which is easy to understand without giving any hard end effort to the kids and to make it more easier, we focus on activities more rather than on  going on with the books straight. Teachers are assigned with specific class design and activity for every topic.  You can join us to know the detailed syllabus. 

As far the infrastructure is concerned, St. Stephen's Kilkaari is located on 4000 sq. fest layout that provides abundant Indoor as well as outdoor activities. Campus includes four acdemic classrooms, one large activity area with a podium for showcasing kids performance and assembly, one relaxing room for daycare students, one large playroom with multiple indoor gaming options. As we are very much aware of the fact that physical fitness for kids holds the same importance while growing up, Kilkaari performs several outdoor physical activities in its outdoor open area. Kilkaari has built a small swimming pool and small playground in the outdoor of their campus along with a small children park with multiple physical gaming amenities. 

Kilkaari loves to take great care of the kids and have built a kitchen area where foods are prepared under the direct supervision of principal, which are served to kids. 

As far as the security is concerned, whole campus is equipped with 17 cctv camera that supervise 24*7.

Admission at St. Stephen's kilkaari Preschool, kindergarten and Daycare centre starts in the month of February for all the classes and minimum age to get admitted is one and a half year for pre nursery whereas maximum is four and a half year for UKG. 

St. Stephen's Kilkaari has exclusively designed syllabus for their kids which is proportionally separated between class and easy to understand with the help of text book based activities and class design. 

Here is the glimpse of syllabus being taught in St. Stephen's kilkaari preschool, kindergarten and Daycare centre. 

*Pre Nursery: kids admitted in Pre Nursery are mostly aged between 1.5 to 2 years. So, for pre nursery, syllabus for pre nursery are primarily activity based. First quarter of this class emphasized on encouraging the children for school through different games and activities, Next quarter emphasized on developing the sitting habit in class. In the last two quarter syllabus are taught which covers basic learning like doddling, Dots, using dots to make different types of lines, Shapes, drawing alphabets using lines, digits 0 to 9, introduction of colors, coloring. 

*Nursery: once the basics of Lines, Shape, Alphabets and numbers are done, kids are well prepared for the next level. In nursery, we classify the learning into four subjects that is English, Hindi, Maths and Arts. 

In English, topics such as Formation and pronunciation of Alphabets in both format.

In Maths, Placement of digits of 0 to 9 to make numbers till 100.

In Hindi, Formation and pronunciation of स्वर and pictorial introduction of व्यंजन.

In Arts, making basic pictures using Shapes and coloring them. 

St. Stephen's Kilkaari Preschool, kindergarten and Daycare centre design class for each and every topic that makes it easy to understand kids. 

*LKG: In LKG we focus on increasing kids' awareness using basic knowledge they have learnt in Pre Nursery and Nursery. Our primary goal for this class is to increase kids vocabulary used in the normal course of life. We focus primarily on completing syllabus by using practical knowledge so that kids do not have to give extra effort. Main content of LKG syllabus are:

In English, At Least 5 words from different categories used in real from every alphabets with pictures in class activity, Concept of Vowel and Consonant. 

In Hindi, स्वर से शब्दावली बनाना, Formation and pronunciation of व्यंजन, Introduction to Making words adding स्वर with व्यंजन. 

In Maths, Once the natural number has been learnt by the kids and they are aware of how to make number till 100 by placing the two digits together, several other tricks chapter are added to make them confident of the subject such as backward counting, Ordinal number, ascending and descending order, after-between-before, mising number and number name. 

In arts, We work on kids to learn lining and coloring with more proficiency and also encourage them to draw basic landscapes using basic shapes. 

*UKG: In UKG, we extend the syllabus to such an extent that enable kids to pass any entrance exam in the regular school. 

In English, we clear the concept of using 'a', 'an', 'the', 'I', 'is', 'am', 'are', 'this', 'that', 'these', 'those', 'here', 'there'. 

We also encourage them to make sentences upto four words using the above word. 

We also teach them the concept of Opposite words and rhyming words. 

In maths, we encourage them to learn addition and subtraction upto two digits using class activity and number line and multiplication upto single digit and make them learn the table upto 5.

In Hindi, We teach समान तुक वाले शब्द, एक अनेक शब्द, वाक्य बनाना, and यहाँ, वहाँ, है, हैं को समझ के प्रयोग करना.

In Arts, we encourage kids to master in lining, coloring and making landscapes and introduce them to new form of art called clay formation.

More information is available on our website  or can visit our campus located at SH34 & 35, Sector 141 Noida.