Rise of Skill-Based Learning Through Upcoming Giant, In ED-Tech Sector, Digicareer

Rise of Skill-Based Learning Through Upcoming Giant, In ED-Tech Sector, Digicareer

Digicareer has brought a tsunami of opportunities for the online education market.

The very fact that India is a developing country puts many things in the 'still evolving' category. Education is the spine of every nation, and in a country with the largest youth population, the scope and opportunities are never-ending. As per reports from the HRD Ministry, India is home to the second-largest e-learning market after the United States, with an expectancy of growth to 10.5 million users by mid-2022. A decade ago, the scenario was different, but with the advent of technology and easy access to the internet, the sector witnessed a significant shift and transition. While not long ago, the idea of esteemed education was limited to the metros and tier I masses, today, we see a fast-growing demand in tier II and tier III towns and cities. The deep penetration of the internet and affordable smartphones has made it possible to reach out to the population still finding their way around technology in tier I and tier-II cities. 

Acceptance and flexibility play a significant role when we think of any section of strata. The first wave of favour of digital transition in tier I and tier II cities and towns came when consumers started exploring tech-based solutions in their daily lives for online shopping, video calls, and learning from YouTube. This has helped them to build trust on the internet and encouraged them to explore this field further. The experimental consumer section soon turned into the internet for every minor and major task. The introduction and spread of smart classrooms in schools helped kids see the possibilities of learning virtually and motivated them to try new ways of learning and adapting to change. This behaviour helped ed-tech develop as an industry and form a stance in the market to grow exponentially.  Then, the second wave of E-learning brought multiple opportunities & challenges along. Infrastructure problems, poor internet connectivity, especially in smaller cities, lack of awareness and mistrust in online forms of learning, and so on and despite these challenges, the Ed-tech sector is doing all that it can do to reach out to these masses and help ambitious youth fulfil their dreams, even in these challenging times.

Digicareer has brought a tsunami of opportunities for the online education market. A Delhi-based EdTech start-up laid its foundation in april 2021 with a superb quartet of Satyanand Arya, Harsh Vikal, Sumit sengar and Ravi rajput with a vision to take skill-building education in every corner of India. Believing in skill-based education, Digicareer knows that no matter how many or how big a degree is, if it's not collaborated with execution, it is just a piece of paper that can only give you temporary status in your family; however, it doesn't assure you a great living. So, Digicareer is an online education platform that aims to reach every Indian household with a chance to learn online at the comfort of time and place and earn through its affiliate program. Digital entrepreneurship is a niche of all courses like digital marketing, social media marketing, Instagram content creation, content writing, email marketing, Microsoft excel, and every possible skill require to build a real-world business; a personal mentorship program is the USP of their business model. This proves to be a breakthrough in the e-learning business.

The pandemic has caused chaos across all industries, given the current economic situation. When big companies have all the resources to adapt to emerging technologies, small ones and start-ups may find it challenging to keep up. However, Digicareer has already distributed 10 Crore through their compensation program and aims to triple the current back-end working team in the next six months. The amalgamation of practical skill-based courses, live pieces of training, personal mentorship with a platform to achieve financial goals is a secret recipe for this successful platter. It is one multi-faceted learning hub planning to reach 1 lakh users by the next year-end with many more courses on the table. And it seems they have the capacity to cross this figure before time with a clear vision and the persistent hard work of Management and the team. Almost 30% of their team comprises women, which shows the broad mindset of the organization's top leadership and empowering nature. Digicareer has become a million-dollar company in no time because of these four pillars, and we wish them good luck for their goals ahead.