Journey Presents ‘Dekho’ Art Exhibition: Master Artists Come Together For Group Show In Delhi

Journey Presents ‘Dekho’ Art Exhibition: Master Artists Come Together For Group Show In Delhi

‘Dekho’ is a group art exhibition presented by eminent artists where mastery meets emotion on every stroke. The exhibition, going on at AIFACS Gallery, Near Rail Bhawan, New Delhi, will end on February 15.

One of country’s leading art groups, Journey brings together a group of eminent, award-winning artists together for a group show in Delhi. The art exhibition named "Dekho" is indeed a feast for the eyes. From trying to capture the fragmented reality to challenging the social issues that plague the lives of those living on the margins, the artists have solely relied on their colour and brush to do so and have done complete justice to it. The artists participating in the exhibition are known for their distinct styles and their interaction with the outer world through the lens of creativity will enthrall the visitors at the ongoing art exhibition in New Delhi.


The exhibition is ongoing at AIFACS Gallery, New Delhi, from 9th Feb to 15th Feb, 2024 (from 11 am to 7 pm).

While some artists have infused life into the landscapes portrayed by them through the use of bright colours, others have explored spatiality through the emotions associated with it. Some artists have focused on material reality and have thus rendered the dimensional differences between a sculpture and a painting porous. It is indeed a considerable feat to bring together nature, culture, materiality, and emotions on the same platform.

The Journey is a groundbreaking exhibition where 14 painters and a sculpture from varied spheres explore the connection of life with the spirit, the mortal with the immortal, the self with the Universe. All of them will take it upon their shoulders to reveal the power that makes us one with the sublime life-force.

We request you to cover this exhibition with your esteemed crew so the world experiences how powerful works of art can change the way we look at life.




Participating Artists

Manoj Deb:

With musical and art talents contesting each other, Deb's love for art takes over his love for Tabla. Trained as a graphic artist at the Indian Art College, he has ruled the world of advertisement. However, he has also exhibited his paintings at renowned galleries all over India, as his love for abstract painting has always been alive.

Santanu Sarkar:

Sarkar speaks through his art in eloquent silence. His artistic process consists of holding conversations with his paintings. Even though his paintings never respond back in human language, they do so by breaking the bounds of language. After graduating from Rabindra Bharti University, he has exhibited his paintings in several exhibitions.

Rita Datta:

Datta brings together poetry and art in her paintings. After completing her graduation and fellowship, Dutta has participated in several art exhibitions.

Kangkan Barman:

Barman considers Rembrandt his lifelong mentor, and just like the Dutch artistic genius, Barman tries to depict a variety of subject matters, from nature to city life to human life. After completing his master's, he has exhibited his paintings at various art exhibitions.

Prasenjit Shaw:

Shaw's paintings are inspired by the Abstract Expressionism movement, and one can see that spontaneity and control over hues are equally present in his paintings. After completing his masters in fine arts, he has exhibited his paintings at several art exhibitions.

Tuhin Ghosh:

Ghosh uses lines with vivid hues to capture nature in fragments. His experience and memory of nature provide him with fuel for creativity. Using the technique of line drawing, he highlights the contrast between reality and the abstract.

Ranajit Kumar Ghorai:

With double degrees in fine arts from Visva-Bharati, Ghorai's sculptures transcend the material reality of his artwork and enter the realm of life. The sculptures themselves capture the slow transition from an everyday object to an embodiment of a living being. The spirit of creativity in the artist manifests itself through his focus on fecundity and sexuality.

Sanjeev Shashwati:

Sashwati's upbringing in the grassroots presents itself in the form of art capturing the quotidian. Using media like pen, pencil, and colour on a variety of surfaces, he captures the social issues that plague the lives of those living on the margins. He also doesn't fail to portray nature and is an expert at portraying birds. His works are often inspired by Indian art forms, like Manjusha folk art and contemporary art.




Ganga Narayan Maharana:

Maharana tries to understand the essence of what defines a woman as part of his artistic journey. Maharana, who got his bachelor's degree in fine arts after initial resistance from his family, lets his understanding of women's inner world guide her external manifestation. Using the theory of Rasa, the artist tries to portray the emotions stipulated by the aesthetic theory through his art.

Aloke Dutta:

Dutta challenges the dimensional differences between a sculpture and a painting and does so by depicting armatures. Dutta captures everyday life by focusing on the underlying structures that govern it—the structures that either hold the promise to create something new or are remnants of something broken. He has participated in major art exhibitions.

Fullachandra Mistry (P. Kashyap):

Using acrylic on canvas, Mistry captures the intricacies of people and culture. Mistry, who graduated from the Indian Art College, has presented his art at several distinguished art exhibitions.

Namrata Agarwal:

Agarwal, an alumna of NIFD, combines her talent as a fashion designer and an artist and showcases it through acrylic abstract art. Her work stands out owing to its vibrant colours and intricate textures. Along with being a key member of Artamo, the artistic collective, she has also participated in several major art exhibitions.

Sanjoy Banerjee:

Banerjee looks at nature through the lens of creativity and tries to capture that on paper. He infuses life into the rocky landscapes he portrays through the use of bright colours. He has been a part of several solo and group shows, and he has also participated in art camps. His talent has been awarded both nationally and internationally.

Tanushka Singha:

Singha nurtures and celebrates her creative space through her art. Instead of focusing on a particular theme, she explores the elements of life, both tangible and intangible. She explores spatiality through the emotions associated with it. She also explores the emotional values that get attached to mundane objects.