Baanx Group (BXX): A platform for Free Lending, Transfers, and Earning Cryptocurrency

Baanx Group (BXX): A platform for Free Lending, Transfers, and Earning Cryptocurrency

What is Baanx Group and what are the roles of BAANX tokens?

Cryptocurrency users want to hold their cryptocurrencies, especially in a growing market. But most of the world's banking systems are based on older technology - mainframe computers, huge central databases, and slow antiquated systems. They are increasingly difficult to maintain, update, and in most cases, they cannot adapt to the future of mobile encryption and blockchain/distributed ledgers.

  Ltd's mission is to ensure that every company, exchange, DeFi, telco, social media company, fintech, and community has access to a full range of crypto lending services. Baanx can add loans as an 'add-on', a la carte to their product, or they can offer the Ltd secured loan service directly within their app. Ltd provides up to 50% LTV loans for crypto assets, users can keep their cryptocurrencies and borrow against them in a regulated, safe and simple way. UK-based Baanx has several licenses through regulated partners and can work with a growing number of financial institutions looking to service lending for their corporate, retail, and family office clients. All are powered by staking BXX tokens. BXX Contract Audit Report

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BAANX Tokens Overview

Token Name: BXX

Total Supply: 250,000,000

Total Circulation: 98,000,000 Listing

Trade Pair: BXX/USDT

Trade Time: 13 December 2022 18:00 (UTC+8)

Withdrawal Time: 13 December 2022 18:00 (UTC+8)


What are the utilities of BXX tokens?

Debit Cards: Create and launch personalized debit cards that truly showcase your brand, with no monthly card fees for you or your customers. BXX will be the payment method

IBANs: IBANs linked to multiple accounts in 9 different currencies will be provided and linked to one actual master checking account. All remittance and foreign exchange operations are managed through a single web interface, giving you complete control. Earn BXX rewards for spending, savings, and other products.

White Label Mobile Apps: Claiming to be 100% hosted, white label mobile apps for your brand and customer base - branded cards, accounts, wallets, remittances, payment gateways, and foreign exchange. You can pay loan interest in BXX Tokens, receive discounted interest rates on any new loans at high LTV interest rates

Payment Gateway: Baanx payment gateway uses a unique strategy to provide you with the best solution for your location, currency, product, and industry. Receive rewards for holding, staking, or simply spending the BXX token and Fast, free, and secure remittance around the globe.


BXX Tokenomics



Data Source: The information above comes from Baanx Official Website and Baanx Whitepaper.



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As a leading global platform for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, seeks to build an ecosystem that grants everyone access to digital assets and blockchain technology. With over 2.5 million users worldwide, aims to become the preferred cryptocurrency trading platform and digital service provider worldwide.

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