Ankur Textiles' Sr’s & Dealer’s Meet Event “Abhyuday -2022”  Leaves a Lasting Impression Even Months Later!

Ankur Textiles' Sr’s & Dealer’s Meet Event “Abhyuday -2022”  Leaves a Lasting Impression Even Months Later!

Ankur Textiles, a division of Arvind Ltd, based in Ahmedabad, hosted an unprecedented corporate event. The SR's and Dealer's Meet 2022 was a long-awaited occasion that promised to leave all attendees feeling inspired and motivated. With Ankur Textiles' long-standing business relationships with agents and dealers, guests could expect a warm welcome and a meaningful engagement.

After a hiatus due to the pandemic, this event provided agents and dealers with a chance to connect in a significant way. The event was held at the Ramee Royal Resort & Spa in Udaipur, from November 21st to November 23rd, 2022. Many of the SR's and Dealer's attending the event had been associated with Ankur Textiles for almost 30 to 40 years, and some had been connected to the company for four generations. This gathering of loyal agents and dealers from across India was a testament to the enduring business relationships Ankur Textiles had cultivated over the years.

Abhyuday-2022, the name of the event, was a perfect reflection of the three-day extravaganza that followed. The organizers left no stone unturned in creating a lively and engaging environment that left attendees feeling motivated and inspired. From start to finish, the event was like a breath of fresh air, with each segment designed to get the attendees' blood pumping.

Among the notable speakers, The Executive Director of Arvind Ltd Shri Punit Lalbhai's speech focused on the philosophy of business, inspiring and motivating the audience to strive for success. The CEO of Ankur Textile Mr. Anurag Badal, a young and dynamic leader, spoke about the vision and mission of Ankur Textiles, igniting momentum in the business and introducing new avenues such as the Bed Linen and Ready Made Kurti businesses. The vision of Mr. Badal was inspiring and a true driving force of Ankur. 

The operational excellence was presented by the COO of Ankur textile Mr. Krupesh Thakkar while Mr. Anupam Sharma, the CMO of Ankur Textiles and Mr. Pralhad Sutwala, a senior sales representative from Uttar Pradesh have analysed the future potential & depth & breadth of the business at large. From the backdrop, Mr. Ajay Pathak, Mr. Brijesh Sharma, Mr. Rahul Pangoria and Mr. Vaibhav Jariwala of Ankur's marketing team have connected the dots to make the events memorable. 

Abhyuday, the three-day event organized by Ankur Textiles, was a grand affair that left attendees feeling energized and inspired. The event was filled with cultural performances that reflected the heritage and traditions of Rajasthan. From the enchanting Rajasthan folk songs to the mesmerizing Shekhawati Kachchi Ghodi dance, the attendees were transported into the heart of Rajasthan's rich cultural landscape. The musical extravaganza at the gala night with DJ and singers had the heartbeats of all the delegates racing.

Apart from the cultural performances, the event provided a great networking opportunity for attendees to connect with people from different industries. The days were spent networking, getting oriented, and exchanging ideas on the latest industry trends and insights. The professional product-presentation and eloquent fashion-show were particularly impressive and mesmerized the audience.

The evenings were an opportunity for blending lavish festivities with a lot of fun and fiesta. The fashion show, which married beauty and business, was a highlight of the event. The musical evening followed by the cocktail party was a perfect way to unwind after a long day of networking and learning.

Overall, Abhyuday was a well-organized and executed event that succeeded in its mission of bringing together industry professionals for a productive and enjoyable experience. 

The delegates and organizers are eagerly anticipating the upcoming conference, and the range of products offered by Ankur and the ease of doing business with Ankur Textiles continues to be a topic of intense and insightful debate across industries even after months.